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fiasco777 On Softonic since February 2012

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"Piece of crap"

  • 3.0
  • 3.0
  • usability3
  • Stability9
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  • Functionality2
  • Appearance5

First, get one thing straight - kindle is all about protecting copyrights - it has nothing to do with providing a versatile and robust reading platform or even letting you easily share material you have purchased in a legal way (you've always been able to lend a book to your friend)

  • Really non other than you are orced to use it.
  • Two things that make this a piece of crap.
  • 1. formatting is horrible - period - nothing like a printed work - some works don't support page numbers but starnge thing called a location - what?
  • 2. navigation is very difficult - there's no next page button amd scrolling is very jumpy and sensitive. a real hassle.

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07 Feb 2012

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