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Kindle - Reading Books Anytime, Anywhere

Kindle is a device or software where one can read books, chosen from a library containing millions of options. Kindle essentially is an e-reader from Amazon, which brings reading to your device. Kindle is available as an app, software, or as an online e-reading platform. There are a number of free-to-read titles, as well as books available at a special e-book price.

E-reading made easy with Kindle

Any avid reader will tell you that the act of reading is exciting because of the possibility to immerse oneself into a new world, getting to read stories and experiences. With Kindle, the necessity of a physical book in hand isn't required. One doesn’t need to have a large collection of physical books to be exposed to a million stories. Kindle opens up the entire Amazon Library, including over a million titles.

Reading on various devices and screens

Amazon Kindle can be downloaded as an app or bought as a device. It can be used over the web and is available in a number of versions. Through the Amazon account, one can log into Kindle from anywhere. The various Kindle versions offer a number of features like backlighting, dictionary, thesaurus, bookmarking, organizing titles, and more. Apart from the act of reading, the Kindle also attempts to enhance the reading experience. One can find references, similar titles, and features like the synopsis, chapter-wise reading, and more.

Access to content is a plus

It is a big advantage to be able to access titles and stories from around the world. By simply purchasing the Kindle version of a book or story, one can have access to any book or title from anywhere. All genres of literature are available in around 44 different languages—with book titles available in other languages, as well. On the Kindle, one can easily set their language or read a number of book titles, opening up the sphere of choices wide open.

Non-readers can hear books on Audible

Because of the compatibility and seamless integration of various Amazon products, readers can also use Audible, where one can listen to thousands of audiobooks—with professional quality sound and an excellent collection of titles. Audiobooks allow users to listen to books and is a great tool to use while engaging in a number of activities other than reading. The advantage of gaining stories in an audio format is a particularly attractive one for users not well-versed with reading. Through this format, even those non-readers can have the privilege of being easily exposed to a number of stories.

It is more reasonable to read on Kindle

Amazon Kindle book titles cost only a fraction of what they cost compared to the physical books, which is a big advantage from a budget point of view. Also, the number of book options is much higher than the possibility of physically owning a book. Not just from saving up, but also from the space of storing physical books.

Download and Save Books Safely

The books can be stored safely on the cloud and be available at any time, anywhere. Because the account can be synced and accessed across different devices, it is possible to access e-books at all times. Books can be stored on the device to be revisited at any time, and it is really as easy as a single click to access them. The digital library is comprehensive and one can keep adding titles to it.

There are only a few negatives to the Kindle

One of the negatives of the Amazon Kindle is the intangible need for readers to own and read physical books. The Kindle needs to be adopted and be used as an e-reader—however, for some old-style readers, they still find the affinity to reading an actual book and not on a device. Apart from this notion, Amazon Kindle is a good option for people agnostic of how one reads a book, and do not mind reading books on devices. Advocates of the old-style book reading will also say that reading on Kindle is another avenue to use a device and be exposed to just another screen. The good habit of going offline to read will also change with the Kindle, and that may or may not be acceptable to some. Some older and less expensive versions of the Kindle lack features like lighting, which may hinder reading in dark places.

Let’s look at the alternatives

While Kindle is the market leader and benchmark for e-readers, there are other programs and devices like Nook, iPad, Kobo, Fire, Audible, and more—which compete with the Amazon Kindle. Fire and Kindle are both Amazon products, but with different features and necessities. While Kindle is specially designed for e-books and readings, Fire is designed to be used by kids—with a number of kid-friendly interactive apps. Audible, also an Amazon product, competes with Kindle on the point of manual reading versus audio-books. An iPad is a tablet that can be used for a number of features—and while the Kindle offers a number of other features, too, the iPad is primarily a multi-media tablet. From the functionality of simply being an e-reader, the Amazon Kindle is the best option as it is designed primarily for reading.

The final word on Kindle

There is no doubt that the Kindle is designed specifically for the purpose of reading, and contains features that facilitate that. For anyone willing to read stories and books on a tablet, the Kindle is the perfect option. From the point of view of a tablet, the Kindle might not be the most suited. Some versions of the Kindle do not support the PDF well and has a limited number of apps and functions that can be used. An iPad, for instance, is a good tablet for general multimedia functions—but for reading alone, Kindle is as good as it gets. For readers, Kindle came as a revolutionary means to ready anytime, anywhere, without the need for a physical book on you. After all, the joy is in the reading and not how you go about it.



  • One of the best e-readers
  • Added features to enhance reading
  • Lighting for reading anywhere


  • Does not have features of other tablets
  • Another device to use for reading

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Kindle

  • Vernon Cubus

    by Vernon Cubus

    Yes. I recommend it to anyone who likes to read. I am a reader but I sometimes either I don't have the book I want to read or I cannot find it. You ca More

  • Dana Webb

    by Dana Webb

    Be nice if you could magnify content. Some of the equation in my books are so small I need a magnifing glass.

  • Kim Perrin

    by Kim Perrin

    love kindle cause I get to carry my books around with me everywhere I go. instead of on a shelf getting dust on them. I can read some books up to 10 t More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Not working. .
    Its not is useless
    Even though this installed completely on my PC,but not opening.
    It is more better in a More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    its not opening at least to enter my information.
    its not working in my laptop of windows 8.1 64 bit version
    i tried both in store and in w More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Don't buy a kindle; it's more hassle than it's worth..
    There are numerous problems problems with Kindle's network connections. I'm living in uni More


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